Covid-19 Health Protection Program

To help the government in its information drive on COVID -19, TSPI MBAI launched the Covid-19 Health Protection Program. The objective of this program was to establish a new set of habits, routine and practices aimed at preventing the transmission of the virus.

This was achieved by providing members with essential items (face masks, soap, alcohol, disinfectant) needed during the COVID pandemic and massive information campaign on COVID 19 on how to prevent the spread of the virus.

Each item carried the following slogan and information campaign via online platform (TSPI FB page) as follows:

  1. Soap: Hugas Kamay para Iwas COVID! Health and Safety info campaign: Proper hand washing procedure
  1. Face Mask: Face Mask KO Proteksyon MO; Face Mask MO Proteksyon KO! Health and Safety Info Campaign: Who needs face mask or face covering and WHY? The need for social distancing
  1. Alcohol: Kaligtasan ay nasa iyong Kamay! Health and Safety Info Campaign: Does alcohol kill germs and viruses?
  1. Disinfectants: Kalinisan ay Kaligtasan. Health and Safety Info Campaign: Proper use of disinfectants. What to once you get home. 

A total of 4,044 masks, 7,417 alcohol bottles, 6,031 soaps and 5,316 disinfectants were distributed from May to June 2020  to 14,199 member-clients.

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