CLAIMS STORY- Flocerfida Ramos

A strong-willed and independent person, Flocerfida Ramos or Nanay Ibyang became a widow in CY 2009 and had to find ways to earn a living because she does not want to depend on her four children.  In October 2014, she joined TSPI to borrow additional working capital for her fish vending business. 

For more than six years of being a TSPI member, Nanay Ibyang made it a point to pay her loans on time and put it to good use.  As what was shared by Sherly, her daughter-in-law, “Kapag nanghiram ng pera dapat may napupuntahan o nakikita sa hiniram. Gamitin sa tamang paraan… sa negosyo, nang sa ganon hindi maubos ang hiniram sa walang katuturan.  Bagkos dapat lumago ang hiniram na puhunan.” (When you borrow money, you have to make sure that it will be properly used so that you can gain something out of it.  Re-invest it in business so you can see it grow). True to her word, every money earned from her business was used to increase her working capital and she was also able to finish their humble abode.   

When TSPI MBAI introduced new products in CY 2017, Nanay Ibyang also availed them (Life Plus and Life Max) as she saw the advantages of these new product offering. Both product offers higher coverage than the basic life insurance plan.  

Last January 19, 2020 Nanay Ibyang was rushed to the hospital but later died due to Cardio Respiratory Arrest.  Since all her children were already working abroad, they all flew back to be with Nanay Ibyang. The family “reunion” became a time of mourning. 

The bereaved family who received more than P200,000 from TSPI MBAI used the money to settle the hospital bills and funeral expenses incurred.  The rest were divided and given to her thirteen grandchildren as a small token or “pamana”.