CLAIM STORY- Elvira Paet

Elvira Paet or Nanay Elvira became a widow when she was forty-nine and was left with four children.  In her desire to help her children earn a decent income, she joined TSPI in September 9, 2011 at the age of 55.  She borrowed P4,000 and ventured into rice vending. For more than 8 years with TSPI she was able to avail of a higher credit line due to good repayment performance. Because of her being “maalaga” (caring nature) not just to her children but also in her business, she was able to increase her capital and grow her business.

One of the many lessons she learned from TSPI was the value of savings and investment. When TSPI MBAI offered a new insurance product in September 2017, she enrolled in both Life Plus and Life Max. She did not view these as expenses but as investing for the future, ensuring that her family is covered in times of financial distress.  She even convinced her family and co-center members to enroll in these new product offering.

Solo Pic of Nanay Elvira Paet2

Last March 23, 2020, Nanay Elvira met an accident and fell from the Sineguelas (Spanish plum) tree.  On her fourth day of hospital confinement the doctor opted for an operation. Unfortunately, Nanay Elvira had a heart attack while undergoing operation.

Her children received more than P300,000 which was used to settle the hospital bill and funeral expenses.  It was also because of this experience that her children decided to voluntarily join TSPI so they can continue the family business and get insurance coverage.