The Adolfo couple (Julito and Imelda Adolfo was already running a pottery business when the shy and simple Nanay Imelda joined TSPI in Dec. 22, 2006.  For 14 years, they were able to sustain their business.

Last April 6, 2021, Nanay Imelda died due to congestive heart failure (CHF). It is a chronic progressive condition that affects the pumping power of the heart muscle.  

It was also during the untimely death of Nanay Imelda when the clay pot business was no longer in demand due to emergence of plastic containers.  Feeling the need to go continue the business that the family started, Tatay Julito thought of a way to diversify the existing pottery business.  Together with his sister-in-law (sister of Nanay Imelda), the family ventured into clay brick business and used part of insurance benefit as additional capital. This only shows that what the Adolfo spouses started will always be part of their family’s legacy, their love for work and innovativeness.

Since Nanay Imelda purchased four insurance plans (BLIP, LPIP, LMIP, CLIP) from TSPI MBAI, the bereaved family received more than one hundred sixty six thousand pesos (P166,000) insurance claims.

Aside from using the money as additional working capital, Tatay Julito also purchased a motorcycle that helped them with their business.  Part of the insurance claims was also used to repair their house as Nanay Imelda always dreamed of having a secured place for her family.

The rest of the funds were allotted for the Adolfo children’s education. The eldest is in college taking up BS Education followed by a senior high school student (grade 12).